The Tiv Bible (BIBILO).

The Tiv Bible (Bibilo).

The Tiv is the seventh (7th) Nigerian language out of over two hundred and fifty (250) in which the entire Bible has been published. The Tiv Bible (Bibilo) was presented to the Chairman of NKST Synod, Rev. J.E.I. Sai, in the presence of Rev. J.Y. Amachigh and Rev. Tar Shande on the 4th of November, 1964.
One of the greatest legacies bequeathed to the Tiv nation by the Missionaries is the Tiv Bible. The translation of the Bible into Tiv language was done by the following:
1. The Gospel of Mark (1914-1916) – Rev. A. S. Judd
2. The Gospel of Matthew (1916-1918) – Rev. J.G. Strydom
3. The Gospel of John (1922) – Rev W.A. Malherbe
4. Genesis- Judges (1917-1922) – Rev and Mrs Brink
5. Acts of the Apostles (1925-1930) – Rev. E. Bam
6. The Gospel of Luke and Titus (completed in 1928) – Rev. W.A. Malherbe
7. Translation of the remaining New Testament books and Psalms (1934) – Rev. W.A. Malherbe
8. Translation of the remaining Old Testament books (1938- 1951) – Rev. J. Orffer, assisted by Benjamin Akiga Sai, Buter Agba, Shawon Ndur, and Mbaahii Maza.
Mr. Gideon Ityovenda Aba
typed the 2,800 page revised manuscript.
We must acknowledge their Persistence, Diligence and patience in ensuring that the Tiv nation has a Bible they can read in their Language.
On the 23rd day of January 1961, Special prayer service was held and then the completed manuscript was carefully sealed, registered and flown to England to be printed by the British Foreign Bible Society (BFBS). The society produced the first and second copy and sent it to the mission in Tiv land, which was checked, and the society published 30,000 copies of the Bibilo for the Tiv. When the first shipment of the printed copies reached Nigeria, the entire NKST and other Christians were invited to meet at Mkar to celebrate this auspicious occasion. On the 4th of November 1964, the bell at Mkar tolled and thousands of Christians crowded inside and outside of the beautiful spacious Mkar Central Church.
The dedication service was conducted by Rev. W.D. Gerryts, chairman of former DRCM who became secretary of SUM-CRC at the time; Mr A. Huibregtse, the home representative of the CRC and the field representative of the United Bible Societies, Dr. W. Reyburn. Dr Reyburn presented the Tiv Bible to the Chairman (now known as president) of the NKST Synod, Rev. J.E.I.Sai in the presence of others.
The NKST commemorates the coming of the Tiv Bible on the 4th of November annually. The Tiv Bible has become a blessing to all Churches that preach in Tiv Language within and outside of the Tiv Land. Examples are the Roman Catholic Church and the Pentecostal churches. The gift of the Tiv Bible has remained the symbol and strength of the NKST and the Tiv Nation at large. The Tiv Bible is regarded as the Standard of the Tiv language.


  • Nater Iyorkaa says:

    I thank God for the wonderful work done for Tiv nation by given them a Holy Bible in their language. I pray that as many of us that will be reading the Bible, our life’s will not remain the same in Christ Jesus and at the end of the day we will all be there in the heaven in Jesus name Amen

    • Solomon Ngutor Mtswenem says:

      May God give us a willing Spirit to meditate on His words as to be one with Him in Christ Jesus

  • Iorfa Gabriel says:

    Tiv Bible

  • I am happy for everybody that do this job may God bless you,heaven is sure for you

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