During our last annual SYNOD meeting of November 2017, the NKST conducted her elections with the following as the New Committee of SYNOD:

President: Rev. D.Z. Anza (took over from Rev. Hon. Dr. Ayohol Ate)

Vice President: Rev. N.A. Adure (took over from Rev. D.Z. Anza)

General Secretary: Rev. E.M. Shir ( took over from Rev. P.G. Azuana)

Assistant General Secretary: Rev T. A. Targba ( took over from Rev. E.M.Shir)

Member 1: Rev L. Vavem ( took over from Rev. Dr. J.A. Ukpe)

Member 2: Rev M.A. Abudar (took over from Rev. K.Nyam)

Member 3: Rev. M.J. Girgir ( took over from Rev. N.A.Adure)

Also, there was an election into the office of the Director of Sunday School otherwise known as Makeranta u Iyange i Memen (MIM). The New Director is Rev. Kar Fefa (took over from Rev P. V. Atsua)

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