Preamble: This is a communiqué of the NKST Annual Synod – July, 2019.

  • The President – Rev. Dr. D.Z Anza Welcomed members of the Synod to the July 2019 Plenary Session.
  • The President announced the death of some pastors and Pastors’ wives within the Nov. 2018 Synod to July, 2019. A moment of silence was observed and prayers were offered for the bereaved families.
  • Subsequent to the above, the following  resolution were arrived at during  the Synod session:
  1. The NKST Synod administered her usual written and oral test to the 2018/2019 grandaunts of RTS Mkar and TCNN Bukuru. All the 41 candidates were found worthy to be called and ordained as Pastors of the NKST.
  2. NKST in partnership with a non-governmental organization – RAFIKI International has resolve to establish a teachers’ institute for the award of pivotal grade II and NEC levels. The Synod approved the site fort the institution at NKST Secondary School Adikpo. The two schools are to be ran side by side.
  3. The NKST Synod approved the extension of her mission to Mbula people in Ademawa State. The 4 cardinal objectives of the mission are – Evangelism, Education, Health and Agriculture.
  4. The NKST Synod has resolved to re-introduce annual performance evaluation of her workforce.
  5. The Translation of the NKST Constitution from Tiv to English Language is on going, and the Synod resolved that the translation Committee should work with the Synod committee to fine- tune the document to be presented to the Snyod for approval.
  6. The Editorial work on the Revised Version of the Tiv Bible has reached an advanced stage.
  7. The NKST Synod has accepted the Tiv Bible Dictionary authored by Rev. J.T. Angwe, which shall be published and released in due course by the NKST Literature Department.
  8. The NKST Synod join forces with Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN), the Benue State Government and all other well  meaning Nigerians in rejecting  in totality  the cattle route, cattle colonies, RUGA Settlements and any other trend that threatens  the corporate existences of our beloved country Nigeria.

The Synod comments President Mohamadu  Buhari for the suspension of the RUGA settlement bid, but insist on total  abrogation of the RUGA Settlements in  the country  to allow peace to prevail.

Finally, the Synod appreciates the rapid growth and development of the church, but laments the spate of violence occasioned by Fulani herdsmen and other communal crises in Taraba State in particular and Nigeria in general. NKST Churches and her pastors are grossly affected.

The Synod therefore enjoins all NKST Consistories to pray reverently to God restore peace and order in the land.



Rev. (Dr.) D.Z Anza Jp                                        Rev. E. M. Shir

NKST President                                                            NKST Gen. Secretary

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  • J T Uhange JP says:

    Good innovation and we can only keep improving. We give God the glory and pray for the church to win more souls for Christ and also attend to the members spiritual and welfare needs where necessary

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