INTRODUCTION: On August 24-28, 2020 under the leadership of the president, Rev. (Dr) D. Z. Anza JP, The Nongo u Kristu u i Ser u sha Tar – NKST, (Universal Reformed Christian Church), held her emergency synod at Mkar, the headquarters of the Church, in Gboko Local Government Area of Benue State, Nigeria. The theme of the conference was “God is Speaking to the World”.
After the opening charge and further resolutions that gave rise to this communiqué, the solemn assembly observed a minute silence for the deceased workers of the church and prayed for their families, including the families of those who lost their lives to Covid-19 as well as those that are affected with the virus.
After examining 31 candidates for the ministry of the Word and Sacraments, the synod declared and certified them worthy for ministerial candidacy, a declaration finally qualifying them for the ordained ministry in the reformed tradition.
Besides, the NKST Synod also elected new officials to fill existing positions. The Synod elected Rev. Solomon Igyôor of NKST Jos to fill the position of Treasurer while Rev. Pius T. Iorhon Rd was elected trustee member.
1. Covid-19 – Concerning the pandemic, Covid-19, Synod appointed a 9 man committee to liaise with relevant agencies, both public and private to help in the battle against Covid-19. Those appointed include: Rev. Kwaghbee Nyam, Rev. Prof. G. I. Akper, Atese Esther Akpagher, Rev. Akpen Leva, Dr. Igbashio, Esther Iornengen, Barr. Chahur, Tsavnum Neeryum and Elder J.T. Ihongo.

2. Security Concerns: While commending the steps for peace to restore peace in Southern Kaduna, the Synod reiterated her stand against all forms of insecurity and social vices that had bedeviled the Nigerian nation and called on the federal government to do everything necessary to ensure peace in the nation (Nigeria). The federal government should also take steps at rehabilitating churches and all who are affected by the crises.

3. CAMA – The NKST Synod condemned the Companies and Allied Matters Act popularly known as the CAMA law, especially the aspect that allows government to appoint members on boards of trustees for religious organizations and churches. According to the law, anyone can be appointed a trustee member on a board where he/she is not even a stakeholder. The Synod condemns this and calls on government to make laws that will ensure positive reforms for realistic religious freedom.

4. Commendations: The NKST Synod commended the League of African Development Students, aka LEADS Africa, for honoring the NKST President, General Secretary and other officials of the church. The solemn assembly prayed God to grant LEADS Africa her dream of making sure that the African child gets educated.

5. Conclusion:The NKST Synod continues to uphold the unity of the church and the nation and calls upon her members to pray fervently for the church and the nation for peace and tranquility to flourish.

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